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and Scarlett

10-generation COI= TBD (breed average 8.56%)

 Previous litters of ours have several puppies in training for service and therapy work .....this will be Scarlett's final litter and her first litter with Buddy.  THESE PUPPIES - THEY WILL BE FANTASTIC, just like the last litter!!   We have trained several dogs in obedience and therapy work, and this litter will have a great start to their training.  Price is $2500 on Scarlett x Buddy's litter, limited registration only.  We prefer they not go home until 9 weeks, unless you need to fly your pup - in that case, they need to be flown out closer to 8 weeks of age because our puppies are BIG, and airlines have restrictions on weight and carrier size. They will have their first vaccinations, been dewormed as needed (we check fecals for parasites), and have a veterinary health exam (and paperwork for those flying), in addition to the puppy culture, biosensor and superstar dog program in progression or completed starting at 3 days of age.  Pups will be temperament tested  by a service organization or therapy dog trainer at 7-8 weeks.  They will have tons of human contact, have plenty of socialization experiences, and lots of early exposures to a variety of stimuli.   If you are interested in a pup, please contact us and start by filling out the application (ALL PAGES!) for approval - once you are approved and we have your application in hand, this will keep your place in puppy picks - once pregnancy is confirmed, you will then be able to make a payment for deposit by check or via Venmo or Zelle - $500 deposit, and let us know what gender you would like.  We will only be taking applications for 6 pups until the litter has arrived.  Puppies MUST fly with a family member or flight nanny and it must be flown with Southwest Airlines (they are much more accommodating with puppies)- we WILL NOT ship puppies via cargo.  *** Please note *** There will be an additional fee of $50 for the cost of health certificate and time spent with extra training of the puppy to the airline carrier.  We will try to have initial puppy meetings starting at 4 weeks (with precautions to keep the puppies safe), but ultimately, we will need to make sure we are protecting the puppies and breeding dogs from health risks being brought in, which at times can make this difficult.  We can also provide Skype or Zoom meetings if geographic distance is an issue : )

Initial training included in the price will be potty training outside in progress (they will have litter box training well developed), crate training started, started on the leash/harness, come, sit, down, stand will be at least partially developed.  They will be introduced to grooming procedures as well.  Nails are trimmed weekly.  We will do biosensor and early neurological stimulation with pups as well as early socialization and early scent introduction, and we welcome special needs or requests for this early training.  See our complete training schedule at buttons to the left.....We will start our own temperament testing at 6-7 weeks to ensure the best possible matches with puppy homes, depending on lifestyle and goals for these amazing pets!

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previous puppies


Puppy from recent litter

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outline cable training

puppy Rhett (Hudson) getting snuggles

Puppies Captain Bill and Andy in service training

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