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We are a small and very selective breeder of the highest quality Golden Retrievers that have superior health and dispositions, genetic diversity, intelligence and trainability.  Our goal is to raise these amazing golden retrievers that can be more than just  pets - they can make a dramatic difference in people's lives. We  breed selectively and handle pups daily, raising them in our home, following a very specific program  that will help to develop those qualities that will make them better able to withstand stress, be attuned to their family's needs, and be well prepared for future therapy work, service work, or scent work  for many years if so desired.  We use a combination of Puppy Culture protocol, Biosensor (Early Neurological Stimulation), Superstar Dog Program, and Early Scent Introductions.  We work very hard to produce puppies that should  make exceptional pets and some even future therapy, service, or show dogs!    Let us know how we can help you with one of these AMAZING animals!

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Our female, HEALING HEARTS DEVOTED ONE aka SCARLETT= AKC Canine Good Citizen titled - OFA hips good - OFA advanced cardiology good - OFA elbows normal - OFA eyes normal- ICT clear  - completely clear genetically for all tests recommended for the breed.  Our dear Hope has been retired : ( but Scarlett is her daughter!

Scarlett has big shoes to fill, but we are confident that she has all of the same wonderful qualities as her momma, Hope!!   She has a strong retrival drive combined with a good aptitude for scent tracking.  Her puppies are proving to be great at sensing people's needs and training easily for therapy work!  She's a marvelous example of the english golden standard, being shorter and stockier (weighing 65 ish lbs), awesome, HEAVY bone, pretty head and round eyes.  She is obedient and trainable and just so, so smart. She is very sweet and and loves people and other dogs.  She is our family dog, and she gets loads of attention and spends most of her days directly interacting with us (and their puppies do too!)   We could not have asked for a better example of what we strive to breed for - HEALTH, DISPOSITION, INTELLIGENCE, BEAUTY, LONGEVITY AND WORK ETHIC!  We would love nothing better than to be able to provide others with exceptional dogs that will be part of the family and enjoy working as therapy or service animals for many years (or competing in agility, or conformation, or whatever else you can think to teach them : ))  

Retired .....Hope

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