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 We could not be happier about our experience with Healing Hearts Goldens!  We have 3 children and our youngest is autistic, so we went into it knowing exactly what we wanted in a breeder and in a Golden Retriever and we hit the jackpot!  From the get go we were so impressed with everything.  Our questions were (and still are!) always responded to quickly.  Tish was so patient with us during the selection process and we loved being able to see puppy updates as they grew.  She did an absolutely amazing job with the litter and the time she puts in working with them really pays off.  She goes far beyond any other breeder I've ever seen in order to give the puppies a head start in life.  It's hard to find breeders nowadays who are truly knowledgable and in it for the love of the breed, but Tish is one of those rare ones.  Izzy came to us pretty much completely potty trained and took to her crate from the very first night.  She has a wonderful temperament and is a dream with our children - always happy to be their playmate when the time is right, but also really wonderful at being a friend and a calming force.  Everyone who has ever met her has been seriously impressed.  Our vet absolutely loves her and one of her trainers could not stop saying "wow, that's a good working dog" when he met her.  Izzy is very honestly the best dog we have ever had and we we know we have a breeder for life.    The Gee family


Rudy is doing awesome. He is a dream dog. He is continually praised as the best puppy people have ever met, both from strangers, dog-lovers, and dog trainers. He is sweet, friendly, confident, willing-to-please, a dog that just wants to be with you. We've done countless hours of socialization and obedience training with him. I have confidence in his basic and advanced obedience skills.   The Sailhamer family

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